frontpPlant Route is a green plant company. Our field of operation ranges from B2C sales of vegetable and flower seeds to the development of new technologies within plant genetics and breeding. We have a special focus on Jatropha for the production of biofuel. Please visit the project section to learn more about the nature of our work. We make partnerships with private companies, investors, social entrepreneurs, governments, and NGOs in analyzing, developing and implementing innovative and sustainable projects.

Plant Route is dedicated to plant and crop research.
Along with the company’s commercial activities, Plant Route also serves as an innovator for economic growth and development though partnerships with a broad range of institutions. Projects are funded by applications for grants. Plant Route acts as an SMI, partner, or lead in this type of development projects, depending on the size of the grant applications.

What Plant Route Offers
We offer different types of partnerships, consultancies, and R&D services, product development witin the area of green living plants.